Saturday, 9 November 2013

almost time to deck the halls

This year we will again be participating in one of the most vibrant and varied craft sales in the city - hosted by Winnipeg Centre Vineyard! I have been shopping the sale since it began 5 years ago and was thrilled to be a vendor last year (though it didn't leave a lot of time to for ME to shop).
We will again have an assortment of rustic inspired bunting (including the one in the photo - by far the favourite of the bunch from 2012), burlap banners, burlap wreaths and yarn wrapped wreaths. Variations will be even better this year after some successful fabric shopping south of the border...
This year attending the sale in Winnipeg's downtown will be particularly special for me. I started teaching the Arts at an elementary school just around the corner from the Vineyard in September. I am learning as much, if not more from my students as they are from me, and I can't begin to explain how passionate I feel about connecting with this community after spending more time there.
Look forward to seeing you November 30th from 10-4pm.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Meet Gabrielle...

I am super excited to introduce to you a few friends of mine who are sure to make your special day one to remember. First up is the lovely and talented photographer Gabrielle Touchette. After all, when you have lovely custom decor items from HEM, you need someone competent to capture their beauty for years to come. Oh yeah, and maybe get some great shots of you and your new life partner as well :)

Gabrielle is a Winnipeg photographer specializing in weddings and portrait photography. She got her first camera when she was a teenager, and has been documenting her life and travels with her unique style ever since. She began working as a professional photographer 6 years ago after completing her studies at a local photography school.

She is passionate about creating works of art that tell a story and speak volumes emotionally. "I love candid photos and capturing 'in between' moments when people forget about my camera. My goal is to make people feel comfortable so that it's more about enjoying the moment than posing for a shot," says Gabrielle. I can tell you from experience her sweet demeanour and warm smile make that easy.

Gabrielle is truly passionate about her work, and it shows. She explains, "As a wedding photographer, I get this incredibly unique opportunity to witness the most sacred moments in a couple's life at a closeness that most family and friends don't even get to experience. It's an extremely humbling position and one that I never cease to be moved by. It doesn't matter how often I've seen a couple exchange vows, or a couple share their first kiss away from the ceremony crowds, or a bride shed tears of joy when reading a love letter from her groom… all those raw, real moments when life and love collide are incredibly special and it impacts me in a way that nothing else does. These are some of life's biggest moments and I'm privileged to be a first-hand witness to it all. And that doesn't even begin to describe how I feel when I get to photograph it all! There's nothing else I'd rather be doing."

I can honestly and whole heartedly recommend Gabrielle to any couple looking for a dedicated photographer to capture their special moments. Here are her details so you can contact her and find out more:

website: www.egabrielle.come-mail:
phone: 204.998.6603
Facebook page:

Thank you so much Gabrielle for taking the time to answer a few of my questions and share them with the world!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Save the Date in style

Pinterest is a fantastic site to share and browse really cute ideas for decor for just about any space or event. I have stumbled on a few beautiful photos of couples holding strings of bunting with their wedding date on them for Save the Date cards in my Pinterest travels and I was immediately convinced I had to make some of my own for my Etsy shop. Custom options available. I have already shipped two strings this week and I wish those couples all the happiness their hearts can hold!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Then comes marriage...

Planning a country wedding was no small task, but as with most things in life, the best things usually come with more than a little hard work.

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but 7 years ago my love and I decided to take the ultimate test of true love - plan an outdoor wedding on my parents' farm. Now wedding planning isn't easy at the best of times, but when you are the site co-ordinator you have no one to take care of the little things (like, say, where your guests will go when nature calls!) So not only did we have to sort out a tent, a caterer, and a photographer, but port-a-potties, chairs, and a back-up plan in case the weather didn't co-operate. It was a big job that the whole family got involved in, but I am happy to say well worth it!
As I tell many newly engaged couples now, it is my humble opinion that it is not the actual ceremony that makes you bonded forever as a partnership, but the process of deciding all the details of such an important and personal event together. You learn things about how to compromise, delegate, and what is truly important to your partner during the wedding planning process. Things you need to know how to do to weather future storms.
Last summer I helped a friend plan her own backyard wedding. We brainstormed where to find items that would add to the ambience of the event, such as mason jars for cold drinks and bunting garland to spruce up the tent. This got me to thinking of my own stash of vintage items and bunting strings I was already producing for kid's rooms and nurseries...
Check out HEM design online to follow our progress as we add to our selection of custom wedding decor items and vintage (or vintage inspired) items for rent for your wedding or special event! If anyone knows about how to source hard to find items for that rustic farm wedding feel its a country bride with a devotion to thrift stores (aka me!)
Special thanks to Liane Bergen who photographed our special day. You can find her online at where you will find a gallery of her work and links to her other social media sites.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

First comes love...

So the saying goes "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage..." Well in my life (so far) that has been the order of things. For my creative outlet (a.k.a. HEMdesign), however, I have kinda worked backwards... You see I started out with design and decor targeted towards babys and kids, inspired by my own littles ones Hadley, Ellis and Madden (HEM). After a successful run of Christmas decor at various craft sales around the city this past season I have been encouraged to branch out...

Presenting our new line of bunting / banners / garland (whatever you like to call it!) that celebrate love and marriage. Just in time for Valentine's Day I hand cut 25 little red felt hearts and lovingly sewed them into a sweet garland, complete with red velvet ribbons at the end to tie them wherever your heart desires.

And there is more! Please visit our Etsy shop for details.

In the coming weeks I will also be featuring some lovely and very talented people currently working in the wedding industry here in Winnipeg. So follow me, I wanna hold your hand on your journey through life's wonderful phases (no matter which order you choose to do them in!)